• Rare Bird Alert: May 26, 2017
    It’s that time of year where the eyes of the rarity-seekers turn away from the southern tier of the ABA Area and look towards Alaska, and strong west winds across the Bering Sea this week mean that the birding did not disappoint there. But before all that, a look at   >>  read more
    By Nate Swick
  • ICYMI: Sympathy for the Twitcher
    The ABA Blog has been in existence for almost 8 years, and there’s a lot of good content back in the archives that deserves an audience now that it might not have received way back when. So, semi-regularly we will bring some of that stuff back. Here’s one by Ted   >>  read more
    By Ted Floyd
  • #ABArare – European Storm-Petrel, Fea’s Petrel – North Carolina
    Now is the time of year where the rarity focus turns towards western Alaska and the Gulf Stream, where late May is peak time for exciting vagrants. Brian Patteson and his Seabirding crew have just started their “Spring Blitz”, two weeks work of consecutive trips to the Gulf Stream out   >>  read more
    By Nate Swick