• 2017 AOS Classification Committee Proposals, Part 2
    Here is the second batch of taxonomic proposals, submitted in the last year to the American Ornithological Society’s North and Middle American Classification Committee. Part 1 is here. Proposals accepted by the AOC Committee are incorporated into the ABA’s Checklist. We suggest the usual caveat, that it’s important to note   >>  read more
    By Nate Swick
  • Blog Birding #308
    The question of baiting owls seems to be a perennial one in the north. Christian Hagenlocher of The Birding Project has a complete roundup of the issue and potential solutions. Many people have good intentions putting mice out for owls, thinking that they are starving, but that is seldom   >>  read more
    By Nate Swick
  • Rare Bird Alert: February 17, 2017
    Continuing rare birds in the ABA Area should all be familiar to those who read these posts regularly. The Pennsylvania Black-backed Oriole continues to be seen into this week. Rose-throated Becard (ABA Code 3) and Golden-crowned Warbler are still in Texas. The Yellow-legged Gull (4) in Newfoundland was seen again   >>  read more
    By Nate Swick