• #ABArare – Variegated Flycatcher – Texas
    On September 28, Bill Beaty found an ABA Code 5 Variegated Flycatcher on South Padre Island, Cameron County, Texas. This would be the 7th record for the ABA Area and the 1st for Texas. Photo: Javi Gonzalez The bird was seen at the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center,   >>  read more
    By Nate Swick
  • Join the Migratory Bird Twitter Chat!
    Have you ever participated in a Twitter Chat? It’s a way for people to come together to share experiences and knowledge around a particular topic. I’m excited to be hosting a Migratory Bird Twitter Chat tomorrow (September 29) at 7 pm Eastern/4 pm Pacific as part of the Migratory   >>  read more
    By Jennie Duberstein
  • #ABArare – Dusky Warbler – California
    On September 24, Ron Thorn discovered an ABA Code 4 Dusky Warbler in a patch of fennel in San Mateo County, California. The bird has been fairly reliable in this spot, which just south of San Francisco and notably just north of the San Francisco Airport. I can’t immediately recall   >>  read more
    By Nate Swick