• 2018 AOS Classification Committee Proposals, Part 3
    This is the third and likely final batch of bird taxonomy proposals submitted to the American Ornithological Society’s North and Middle America Classification Committee, the volunteer group of ornithologists who make the split, lump, and name-change decisions that influence the ABA Checklist and our field guides. You know the drill   >>  read more
    By Nate Swick
  • Blog Birding #357
    The origin of American Flamingos in Florida, with its myriad zoos and animal parks, has always been a little bit of a mystery, but as Liz Langley writes in National Geographic, the evidence increasingly suggests that they are naturally occurring. In the study, published recently in The Condor: Ornithological   >>  read more
    By Nate Swick
  • Rare Bird Alert: March 16, 2018
    Continuing rarities in the ABA include many of our old friends from the winter, most notably the ABA 1st Mistle Thrush in New Brunswick, which is amazingly still hanging around. Both Tamaulipas Crow (ABA Code 4) and Blue Bunting (4) are still being seen in south Texas, with the former   >>  read more
    By Nate Swick