2017 Birder's Guide to Travel



From the President
Jeffrey A. Gordon

From the Editor
Michael L. P. Retter


The 20 Best Birds in Britain
Rachel Coombes
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Birding Algonquin Provincial Park
Doug Tozer and Ron Tozer

An Introduction to the Birds of Midway Atoll
Steve Tucker

Tips and Techniques for the Traveling Birder
Laura Kammermeier
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Charmed by Rayaditos: A Birding Trip to Patagonia
Brandon Breen

The U.S. in the Caribbean: Birding Puerto Rico
Jason Crotty

2017 Pelagic Directory

Birding Oregon’s Big Country:
Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and Surrounding Harney County
Dave Irons

  • Vicky Ramakka

    Another word of advice, in reference to the Travel Tips article. Remember to change the time and date settings on cameras and other electronic gear. On a trip to the Serengeti, this didn’t occur to me until two days into the trip. Upon returning home and reviewing photos, the capture time appeared as one day and eight hours off from what I knew it should be. Lesson learned – immediately upon arrival, set cameras to local time, and even date if you had crossed many time zones. Be alert throughout the trip regarding crossing local time zones. Vicky Ramakka, New Mexico.

    • David Robichaud

      Lots of programs (I use Lightroom) allow you to batch shift your photos timestmaps to account for timeszone shifts (from -23 to +23 hours). Not sure how your camera got so far off the mark, but you could select all your photos, shift them by 23 hours and then shift them again by 9.

  • It is like a prison break in a serial !lol

  • Sorry…but it’s very boring article
    but good photos