Birding Online: December 2017

Welcome to Birding Online! This month’s Birding Online is a little different, because we have a very exciting cover to share with you before the issue itself arrives.

December’s cover is a reconstruction of the image on a pottery bowl, specifically UCM 03238, in the collection of the (c) University of Colorado Museum of Natural History. (Thank you, University of Colorado!) This image features one of the Hero Twins celebrated in the creation saga of the Mimbres people, from present-day New Mexico. Flocking to this Hero Twin are two Scarlet Macaws. In December’s “News and Notes,” Paul Hess teaches us about the history of Scarlet Macaws in the ABA Area, the culture of the Mimbres people, and how the two intertwine.

Image courtesy of (c) University of Colorado Museum of Natural History–object no. UCM 03238.

Personally, I love this cover, and I hope you do as well. It’s a gorgeous reminder of the connections that people have felt with birds for centuries, and in fact, millennia. We bird-lovers and nature-lovers continue a tradition that was born many generations before us. Plus, who doesn’t love a good creation story?

Paul Hess’ story of the Mimbres people and their Scarlet Macaws is only one of the pieces within the December issue. This issue is chock-full of things to look forward to: the Birding Interview, photo quizzes, and of course, the ABA Checklist updates. Check back soon to learn more about the extended online content that ABA members will be able to access.