Birding Online: November 2014

Welcome! You’ve just found your way to all the online content for the November/December 2014 issue of Birding. We hope you enjoy your visit, and Editor Ted Floyd would love to get your feedback.

This site is a launch pad to all the full-feature content in the November/December 2014 Birding. Think of it as your online Table of Contents. Click on the links below, and off you go!

Let’s start off with a major news item. You’ve probably read about it already in Flight Calls, but just in case you missed it: All content—every single page—from the entire 2014 volume of Birding is online and available right now for all ABA members. It’s all here:

You can just start reading, or you can go straight to an article of your choosing—perhaps Tristan McKee and coauthors’ definitive and authoritative article on field ID of first-cycle Slaty-backed Gulls:

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Spend any time at all with this article, and you’ll notice something wonderful: The content in the online version is greatly expanded from what appears in the print version. In the 2015 volume of Birding, expect considerably more exclusive online content for members.

Don’t worry! We will continue to provide interactive online content, just as we have in the past several years. Indeed, there’s more of it than ever in the November/December 2014 issue. Online discussion of the November/December issue has been ongoing for some time now, and you’ve probably seen much of it; maybe you’ve even jumped into the fray.

Join the conversation about the ABA Checklist Committee Report, Paul Hess’s News and Notes, and Tom Johnson’sFeatured Photo; each conversation includes a link to a PDF download of the full contents of the article. Also, all the book reviews—with comments and discussion—are available online: New England breeding bird atlases (reviewed by Matt Pelikan), Ducks, Geese, and Swans of North America (reviewed by Paul Johnsgard), and the Passenger Pigeon centennial (reviewed by Rick Wright). And Greg Neise, the ABA’s web developer, provides a spirited commentary that ties it all together.

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