Birding Online: October 2015

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Selected highlights from Birding Online, October 2015 issue:

ABA member milestones. Do you have a listing milestone to share with other ABA members? Please email Birding Editor Ted Floyd (tfloyd “at” aba “dot” org) with all the basic info (location and date of milestone; your name, place of residence, and email), and please consider including a photo.

Thoughts on the Hooded Crane. The expanded online edition of Birding includes the full text of ABA Checklist Committee chairman Bill Pranty’s extensive commentary on the committee’s decision not to add the Hooded Crane to the ABA Checklist.

Black Swift in Danger. The little known Black Swift has received little attention from conservation biologists, but recent findings from Canada suggest that serious concern is warranted. Read about this work in Birding Online—and enjoy some remarkable photography of a rarely seen bird.

This is the "Featured Photo" in the October 2015 Birding.

This is the “Featured Photo” in the October 2015 Birding.

Featured Photo. The past few entries in this column have trending easy. Well, that trend has just reversed itself. This is one of the hardest “Featured Photos” we’ve ever run. Even the author and photographer, bird ID expert Tom Johnson, doesn’t know what to make of it! Read Johnson’s analysis in Birding, or go online for discussion about this vexing photo.

Digital Bird Song Hearing Aids. Birding magazine strives to be useful, and this review by Laura Erickson promises to improve the birding experience for the many birders who suffer from high-frequency hearing loss. Read Erickson’s candid and informative review in Birding, and then consult Ted Floyd’s online “hearing test” with real examples of high-pitched birds and insects.

Note: We consider Erickson’s article to be so important that we are making it available to everybody. Please share the free PDF version with your birding friends.

Book Reviews. Enjoy the full text of Birding book reviews in two formats. First, you can read the full texts online in the expanded online edition of Birding. Next, go online and join the discussion, still ongoing, about these and all recent titles reviewed in Birding.