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The cover of the September/October issue of Birding features the ABA’s new home in Delaware City, DE, and some of the folks who came to visit us for the grand opening.

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Cover photo by Greg Neise

Book Reviews. Poetry, woodpeckers, and avian psychology…We’ve got it all covered in the book reviews in this issue of Birding!

Al Schirmacher leads off with a review of a major new anthology of English-language haiku. If you’re scratching your head, bear with us, for birds and birding play a major role in modern haiku. And modern haiku is one of the most important movements in contemporary nature writing.

From haiku to the avian sensory world we go. In the past two decades, there has been a revolution in our thinking about the avian brain. We used to think birds weren’t very smart (and we used to think haiku are “just” 5-7-5 ditties). Julia Zarankin reviews an important work on what it’s like to be a bird.

Speaking of what’s like to be a bird…Imagine what it must be like to bang your head into wood all day long. Noel Snyder wraps up our September/October 2014 book reviews with a look at a beautiful book on the familiar yet constantly amazing woodpeckers of the world.



A Birding Interview with Michael O’Brien. What does it take to be one of the greatest birders of all time? In this Birding Interview, we go straight to the source! Michael O’Brien, one of the all-time greats, answers questions about paying attention, learning birdsong, painting birds, and whether we really need yet another field guide to the birds of North America.

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